Health, Safety & Environment

Rolling Rock Asphalt is committed to safety in the workplace and on the worksite. We have incorporated an extensive health, safety and environmental program as it is a fundamental and integral part of everyday business. Together our administration, shop and field staff ensures all areas of the company are implementing this program, keeping our work sites safe for the public, our client’s employees and our employees. We strive for zero accidents and incidents by providing continuous improvement through communication, internal and external training programs, and encouraging a safety first attitude. Our program requires our employees to observe and act through hazard assessment, risk analysis and documentation for a well-rounded safety environment. A successful maintenance program keeps our tools and equipment in exceptional working order. Building together, we will make every effort to ensure that when each employee leaves their job with us at the end of the day and returns home, they do so just as healthy and safe as when they arrived. This is the essence of a true safety culture that is part of Rolling Rock Asphalt.